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We’re slowly passing the point of no return to a world of absolute and utter stupidity.

The research Council of Norway is spending over $1.2 million USD on a project that is dedicated to discovering how the country has contributed to the spread of “whiteness” globally. And of course they’re somehow blaming colonialism and paint.

The research project, “How Norway Made the World Whiter (NorWhite),” hosted by the University of Bergen, says that “Whiteness” as “One of today’s key societal and political concerns.”

That seems strange, because in America a certain 13 percent of the population commit around 80% of the violent crimes, and nearly 60% of the murders. Those are of course based on FBI statistics, not your racist feelings about our facts.

“Within and beyond academia worldwide, actions of revolt and regret seek to cope with our racial past. In the pivotal works in whiteness studies within art and architecture history, whiteness is understood as cultural and visual structures of privilege,” the project, principally led by Associate Professor Ingrid Halland, opens. Her website boasts of a 12 million kroner funding grant from the government.

According to these researchers who we consider mental midgets, there are two sides to whiteness, and they aren’t talking about your eggs. Systemic racism (Which doesn’t exist, it’s a bullshit PC talking point) and it’s “materialization” in a society as an aesthetic. Yes, folks they are really spending money on this.

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Two core premises underpin the project: Whiteness is not only a cultural and societal condition tied to skin color, privileges, and systematic exclusion, but materialize everywhere around us. Second, one cannot understand this materialization without understanding the societal, technological and aesthetic conditions of the color itself,” the project reads.

“Although Norway is not a conventional colonial power, this project will show how the country has played a globally leading role in establishing white as a superior color,” the brief continues, without explaining what an “unconventional colonial power” might be.

The project funded by the government went on to describe how Norwegian chemists revolutionized white paint in 1916, developing a form with far better coverage and opacity than was ever used before.

Yes, that’s got to be it, white paint has caused the world to be more racist. These people are insane.

“By weaving together historical, critical, aesthetic, and artistic methods with public engagement and outreach, NorWhite reveals a complex and challenging story of how a local Norwegian innovation came to have planetary consequences,” they continued.

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They went on to spell out a clear objective: find out how Norway “made the world whiter.”

“The overall objective of NorWhite is to critically and visually investigate the cultural and aesthetic preconditions of a complex and unexplored part of Norwegian technology and innovation history that has—as this project claims—made the world whiter.”

Here’s an idea, the only people that are pushing racism are educators and the media, think about that as you move on about your day, and feel free to comment below.

Thanks to our friends at The Post Millennial for contributing to this article.

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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

3 thoughts on “Norwegian Government Funds Research to Find Out if White Paint is Racist”
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