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Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s not really known for being a funny man, but Sunday night during the thrashing the Dallas Cowboys took from the San Francisco 49ers, it was needed and hilarious.

The Texas Governor had seen enough of Dallas Cowboy’s kicker Brett Maher who missed 4 extra points in the previous playoff game last Sunday, started off this Sunday not any better. Maher’s first attempt was blocked by the 49ers.

It was so bad that in warmups he was only making about 50% of his kicks, prompting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to come down to the field to try to give him a pep talk as seen in the video below.

But Abbott wasn’t pulling punches, and he had the funniest tweet of the year on Sunday.

Abbott, who is paralyzed and in a wheel chair let off this savage tweet.

“I Swear, I can kick as good as the Dallas Cowboys kicker.”

Proof the Governor was watching his Texas based team struggle with the 49ers in the playoff divisional round game.

Of course, this prompted some negative liberals and conservatives to jump in on the border situation, among other things.

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One of the dumbest tweets we saw was this liberal mental midget who was upset Abbot had sent those breaking our laws and illegally coming to America to liberal sanctuary cities..

What do you think of Governor Greg Abbott’s new found sense of humor?

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3 thoughts on “Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s SAVAGE Tweet About Dallas Cowboys Kicker Goes VIRAL”
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