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Minnesota State wrestler Darrell “Debo” Mason had just won his first national title in the 285-pound weight class, as well as earning All-American and Most Outstanding Wrestler honors.

One of his opponents, Shawn Streck, reacted to his loss with poor sportsmanship, putting the spotlight on himself and revealing his controversial past. Rick Strom breaks it down.

Before we tell you about the sore sport wrestler who shunned Mason, let’s give a small background into Msaon’s amazing story.

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He transferred to Minnesota State, where he sat out one season while he got his personal life in order. When he get back on the mat this season, he was unbeatable. At the national meet, the gregarious Mason was more than just a top-notch competitor, who received the award as the Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament.

After winning a pair of decisions on the first day, Mason was preparing for the semifinals on Saturday. Just before weigh-ins, Mason found out his grandmother, who had been hospitalized with heart problems, had died.

“I didn’t want to wrestle,” he said. “I give a lot of credit to my coaches because I wanted to leave.”

Mason broke down in the warm-up area, consoled by his coaches. The other wrestlers could see something was wrong, and word of his grandmother’s death spread quickly. But he gathered himself and defeated Shawn Streck of Central Oklahoma. After the match, Streck appeared to push Mason and show disrespect in the minutes after the match, drawing boos from the crowd.

Mason was too emotional to notice that something happened. It wasn’t until later that he found out.

Mason said that he found Streck to talk in person, and they made contact again over the phone, getting an explanation and apology. Mason then went to social media to tell as many people as would listen that there were no hard feelings, that emotions were running high and mistakes were made.

“I just didn’t want no one hating on him,” Mason said. “I forgave him. I think we’re both better men now.”

Mason finished the season with a 22-0 record, with only two victories by fall. Won the National Championship at 285lbs, and now he plans to return to Minnesota State in 2023 to finish his degree and defend his wrestling championship.

Now let’s break down what we know about captain poor sportsmanship Shawn Streck, it gets worse for this guy as the story unfolds.

Now Purdue police say that Streck went back to the school to try to rekindle an old flame. Police claim he made threatening texts, and even hid in a restroom with a firearm, threatening to kill the female if she wouldn’t continue with a sexual relationship with him.

It turns out that this act of piss poor sportsmanship, wasn’t just a sign of anything other than who he really is.

When questioned by police about sending the girl a picture brandishing a firearm, Streck admitted to it.

You can watch the full breakdown and video below, as some of you have probably seen the video of poor sportsmanship making the media rounds again this week.


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