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According to a new survey by Statista Consumer Insights, the numbers for U.S. coffee drinkers vary, but how much do they drink each day?

According to research and studies, Americans rarely stick to just one cup per day.

Among those drinking coffee daily, almost 80 percent drank two or more cups while at home on a weekday.

More than half consumed three or more cups on average per day.

You will find more infographics at Statista

While on the go, U.S. coffee drinkers hold back a little more, with just 20 percent consuming to-go coffee daily and another 24 percent doing so several times a week.

More than half of the respondents consume coffee to go only once a week, or less often, with 13 percent between the ages of 18 and 74 even saying they never did so.

In the latest installment of another Statista survey, only 57 percent of Americans listed coffee as a beverage they regularly consume. Although sales numbers show it could be higher.

America’s favorite type of coffee is good old drip coffee, with 36 percent saying that was their favorite.

11 percent said they prefer cappuccino’s, and 10 percent who say they drink iced coffees. Instant coffee is apparently still a thing, coming in with 9% of the vote.

In a strange topic, 51% of American adults agree with the statement that “coffee is pure pleasure to me.”

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