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Well our good friend Adam Kinzinger is at it again, this time attacking Conservative attorney and our good friend Eric Matheny. That’s right, Adam will lie to keep his narrative, and he continues to prove it. We’re going to show you how he’s lying, along with some hilarious commentary from conservatives on Twitter, and a plethora of other things in this article.

Let’s start with the simple meat on the bone, shall we? Eric Matheny made a simple tweet, to the point, brilliant, and understandable as he always does. Little Adam didn’t like that very much. Here’s the tweet from Matheny.

In terms of culpability, Ray Epps is on video encouraging a crowd to riot and admitted such in a sworn statement (I also orchestrated it). House GOP has an obligation to find out his role, who he was communicating with, and who in power helped setup the events of January 6th.

Now if you’ve followed the Ray Epps story, there are mounds of videos and documents that show him trying to get folks to go inside the U.S. Capitol, inciting an insurrection, and of course his ties to the FBI and Department of Justice. But Adam Kinzinger decided to double down, and it was a terrible career move for a guy who was fired by his constituents.

“Literally completely untrue,” Kinzinger quote tweeted Matheny on. Really Adam? Is it now? You’ll want to pay attention, because we’re going to do what we do at The DC Patriot, we’re going to show little Adam who his daddy is.

Conservative Influencer Mindy Robinson chimed in with:

It’s “literally” in writing and on video, Bub. J6 was about setting up and punishing Americans for protesting a corrupt Congress and the rigged election keeping them in their seats. You and every other slithering rat in DC will go down for this, lies will only get you so far.

There’s other epic responses, including one from our own Matt Couch, which we’re going to share with you, but let’s show you some video of Ray Epps doing exactly what Kinzinger claims is “untrue.”

Hang on Adam, it’s about to get more painful for you, here’s the document from the January 6 committee, where Ray Epps says “I also orchestrated it.”

Our good friend Alex Bruesewitz tee’d this up nicely, but we doubt Adam will still be able to reach the tee and hit it with his tiny bat.

Not sure if you’ve seen this, but what @EricMMatheny said about Ray Epps is completely true.

Epps: “Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol.”

To which Trump supporters start screaming “Fed, Fed, Fed, Fed” realizing this guy is bad news, and an absolute fraud.

Epps: “Tomorrow I don’t even like to say it because I’ll be arrested, but we need to go into the Capitol.”

Epps: “When the President is done speaking, We are going to the Capitol, where our problems are.”

Epps noticeably riling the crowd up in videos and encouraging them to attack the barricade, why isn’t Ray Epps in jail and under federal indictment like hundreds of conservative truck drivers and grandmas who took selfies inside the Rotunda?

Adam Kinzinger just lied to you and it’s in writing. What else did the January 6 committee lie about to the American people? This is an embarrassment, when will the Department of Justice investigate the January 6 committee and see who’s pulling their strings?

What else did Conservatives say about Adam? Check out the tweets below!

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Our own Matt Couch said, “This is 100% true and Adam is lying as usual!”

Catturd said, “Little Adam is a serial liar and a serial crier.”

Gunther Eagleman said, “Tweeting while sleeping again, Adam?

Beard Vet says “You’re being obtuse, Lil fella. Ray Epps orchestrated it, with Nancy’s help.”

Conservative attorney Ron Coleman said, “You lie every time you exhale. How does a person get used to that.

You’ve seen the video, Adam Kinzinger is lying. How can liberals and the mainstream media continue to support this kind of lies and hypocrisy? It’s dishonest journalism, its’ state ran media, it’s tyranny!

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