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Hooters says the rumors they are shutting down and rebranding after a new survey claims that millennials just “aren’t that into boobs” is not accurate.

“There is no validity to this story,” Hooters of America said in a statement shared with Insider. “Guests are enjoying this week’s televised sports events at our restaurants across the country and around the world in record numbers, accompanied by craveable menu items, cold beer and iconic hospitality. Our concept is here to stay.”

The tweet — posted by Daily Loud, a website focused on hip-hop and viral news — claimed Hooters “was shutting down and ‘rebranding’ after a new study found that millennials ‘aren’t that into boobs.'” It now has more than 31 million views. 

The tweet has since been updated with a context note clarifying that it was referencing an Insider article about a study first published in 2017.

Hooters tweeted “this is the fakest news that has ever newest” in response to the news they were closing locations over beta males not liking boobs.

In 2017, Hooters opened a fast-casual spinoff chain called Hoots, designed to attract consumers looking to pick up food on-the-go, where employees “dress more modestly” than at traditional Hooters locations, Restaurant Business Online reported.

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In 2019, Hooters was sold to Nord Bay Capital and TriArtisan Capital Advisors, in a deal former Hooters CEO Terry Marks said at the time “comes at an ideal time for the company, bringing fresh partners with complementary skills and experience to support our next phase of growth to the benefit of all our employees, franchisees and customers.”

Hooters has since struggled to regain momentum. The company was especially hard hit by the pandemic, and encountered difficulty navigating stagnant sales and executive leadership shakeups. According to industry reports, between 2022 and 2021, Hooters of America closed a total of 37 stores, down to 303 in the US.

The company made headlines in 2021 after several employees pushed back against new revealing uniformsthat included shorts so skimpy they described them as “like underwear.” After a series of viral TikTok videos shared by staffers, Hooters adjusted its policy to make the new uniforms optional. 

Thanks to our friends at Business Insider for contributing to this article.

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