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In insane moment where a group of thugs chased down a white police officer, ensuing chaos, and lawlessness unfolded over the weekend.

Police were on the scene of an attempted murder, when all of a sudden they were chased and attacked by rogue bystanders.

Check out the response from our friends The Hodge Twins.

Kevin: “People going wild…I shouldn’t be laughing. This guy is like man what’s wrong with these people. There is such thing as too much diversity.”

Keith: “Is white flight racist?”

Kevin: “Out of all those people there was only one rational adult. The one that was saying leave him alone.”

Keith: “This one guy said get your white face out of here.”

Kevin: “One of em even said it’s not safe for white people around here. It’s not safe for anyone around there.” 

Keith: “We bout to go into 2023 and we got a group of people talking to another race as if they are inferior.”

Kevin: “They say white supremacy is a problem in this country, I seriously doubt. A white supremacy doesn’t dictate how successful I am.”

Keith: “White supremacy is not hurting black people what’s hurting black people is ignorance.”

Watch the insane video below from The Hodge Twins show.


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One thought on “HODGE TWINS: ‘They Chased Away a White Police Officer’”
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