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Twitter’s new owner and CEO Elon Musk revealed that former employees of the social media giant had a Slack channel titled “Fauci Fan Club.”

This is of course in reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nations alleged top infectious disease expert.

Musk tweeted the claim in a threat that was highly critical of Dr. Fauci. He accused Fauci of lying about so-called “gain of function” research that many now suggest played a major role in the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Despite these glaring issues, Twitter nonetheless had an internal Slack channel unironically called ‘Fauci Fan Club,’ ” Musk tweeted late Tuesday. He did not go into detail on how many employees participated in the Slack channel.

Since buying Twitter, Musk has been on the attack against Fauci and those that have lied to the American people and the world.

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The tweets were linked to a Newsweek article titled “Fauci Was ‘Untruthful’ to Congress About Wuhan Lab Research, New Documents Appear to Show.”

You can download the Fauci-Newsweek article documents HERE.

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