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There’s pathetic, and then there’s Keith Olbermann, who’s on his own level of pathetic.

Olbermann now using his Dog’s Twitter account to attack Elon Musk’s mother and call her names.

Maye Musk, the mom of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX CEO/Owner Elon Musk and the world’s richest man was talking about a new Twitter policy which we have a separate article for here at The DC Patriot. That policy is that you can no longer advertise your platform on certain Twitter competitors.

“This makes sense. When I give a talk for a corporation, I don’t promote other corporations. If I did, I would be fired on the spot and never booked again. Is that hard to understand?”

To which Olbermann replied as only he can.


Ahh yes, Keith, always taking the high road aren’t we?

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Now I do think it’s a bad look for Twitter to not allowing you to say “Hey, you can also find me here” and that’s because I have faced true censorship that most have not faced.

I have had my Twitter over a year suspended for an article I shared that I didn’t even write. I’m suspended on Instagram and banned on YouTube. I know exactly what censorship looks like. If it weren’t for platforms like GETTR, Gab, Telegram, Facebook, Truth Social, Parler, and others, I would have been dead in the water. So I totally disagree with not being able to diversity and putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Olbermann does this to everyone, and he gets by with it. Conservatives have been banned over and over again for the communication, insults, threats, and hatred that Olbermann has spewed for years without repercussions.

Here’s where some of you might not like what I’m about to say. Keith Olbermann has a right to say it. Whether you like it, or I like it, that’s what free speech is. Sure there are consequences to free speech, but you have a right to say what you want to say. Everyone should. From Alex Jones to Tom Arnold, they all should have a right to speak.

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

5 thoughts on “Good Lord: Suspended Keith Olbermann Using His Dog’s Twitter Account to Call Elon Musk’s Mother Names”
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