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Happy Saturday America, we come bearing good news and hilarious gifts. Keith Olbermann has been suspended on Twitter by Elon Musk for doxxing people, and he’s super mad about it.

How mad is Keith? He’s tweeting from his dogs Twitter account because he can’t from his own anymore.

It’s hilarious how liberals want conservatives silenced and banned repeatedly for not agreeing with them, however when they get banned, they use their dogs Twitter, or if you’re Kathy Griffin you use your dead mother’s Twitter account to voice your outrage.

Yes, liberals are insane, and they don’t even hide it, they say it in plain sight for all to see and hear.

“Doubt you’ve heard but Musk banned me permanently from Twitter for NOT doing something he said WASN’T against the rules!”

“It was the baptism scene from The Godfather and Elon Muskleone”


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4 thoughts on “WATCH: Sad and Pathetic Suspended Keith Olbermann Tweets from Dog’s Twitter Account and We Can’t Stop Laughing”
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