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Bing Crosby was a popular American singer and actor who was known for his smooth, crooning voice. He rose to fame in the 1930s and continued to have success for many years. Crosby is perhaps best known for his Christmas specials, which were hugely popular and helped to solidify the singer’s reputation as a master of holiday entertainment.

Crosby first became associated with Christmas in 1935 when he recorded the song “White Christmas,” which went on to become one of the best-selling singles of all time. The song’s success led to Crosby being asked to host a Christmas radio program, which he did for many years.

In the 1940s, Crosby began to host television Christmas specials as well, and these programs became a beloved tradition for many families.

Crosby’s Christmas specials were known for their warmth and nostalgia, as well as the singer’s trademark charm and wit. He would often perform a mix of traditional Christmas carols and popular songs, and the specials would often feature guest stars and special musical performances.

Crosby would also often tell stories and reminisce about Christmases past, adding to the feeling of nostalgia that was so central to the programs.

One of the most memorable moments from Crosby’s Christmas specials came in 1977, when he performed a duet with David Bowie on “The Little Drummer Boy.” The unlikely pairing of the crooning Crosby and the glam rocker Bowie proved to be a huge hit, and the performance became one of the most iconic moments in the history of Christmas television.

Crosby continued to host Christmas specials until his death in 1977, and his legacy as a master of holiday entertainment lives on to this day. His Christmas specials remain some of the most beloved and enduring examples of the genre, and continue to be enjoyed by new generations of fans every year.

What’s your favorite Bing Crosby song?

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