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For many years, there has been debate over whether or not the popular action movie “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie.

Some argue that it is not a Christmas movie because it is primarily an action movie with only minor references to Christmas. However, there are several compelling reasons why “Die Hard” should be considered a Christmas movie.

First, the movie takes place on Christmas Eve and features several key scenes set during Christmas. For example, the main character, John McClane, arrives at the Nakatomi Plaza building on Christmas Eve to attend a Christmas party and reunite with his wife. The setting of the movie, with its Christmas decorations and festive atmosphere, is an important part of the story and helps to establish the mood and tone of the movie.

Second, several of the movie’s key themes and motifs are closely tied to the Christmas season. For example, the movie explores the idea of family and the importance of coming together during the holiday season.

The central conflict of the movie revolves around the hijacking of the Nakatomi Plaza building and the efforts of McClane and other characters to protect their loved ones and save the day. These themes are particularly relevant during the Christmas season and help to make “Die Hard” a Christmas movie.

Third, the movie features several overt references to Christmas, including Christmas songs, Christmas decorations, and even a Santa Claus costume. These references serve to reinforce the Christmas setting of the movie and help to establish it as a Christmas movie.

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For example, the iconic scene where McClane sings along to “Let It Snow” while hanging from a building is a clear nod to the Christmas season.

In conclusion, “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie because it takes place on Christmas Eve, explores Christmas themes, and features several overt references to Christmas. While it may not be a traditional Christmas movie, its setting, themes, and references make it a worthy addition to the genre.

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