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On Friday, the United States authorized a new $275 million aid package for Ukraine to address ‘critical security and defense needs,” according to the Department of Defense (DOD).

“As Russia continues to wage its brutal war against people of Ukraine, today the Biden-Harris administration is announcing a new $275 million security assistance package to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Friday.

“This package will provide Ukraine with new capabilities, to boost its air defenses and counter the threats Ukraine is facing from Iranian UAVs, which Russia is using to attack Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and kill Ukrainian civilians,” Jean-Pierre added.

This is the Biden administration’s 27th presidential drawdown of equipment from DOD stocks for Ukraine since August of 2021 and comes a little more than two weeks since the White House announced another $400 million drawdown.

Since October, the (DOD) has announced over $2.7 billion in new authorizations of a presidential drawdown of military equipment to support Ukraine effort against Russia.  They have been sending money, on average, every 13 days. They sent $625 million on October 4, $725 million on October 14, $275 million on October 28, $400 million on November 10, $400 million on November 23, and the most recent $275 million on December 9.

The second $400 million package announced in November, according to White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan, included “important air defense contributions” such as missiles for the HAWK air defense system. Four mobile Avenger surface-to-air missile systems with Stinger missiles were included, an air defense system the Unites States has never before given to the Ukrainians.

Sullivan said on November 11, “This increased air defense will be critical for Ukraine as Russia continues to use cruise missiles and Iranian-made drones to attack critical civilian infrastructure. 

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Congress has approved a total of $66 billion in aid to support Ukraine. That includes the $40 billion supplemental appropriations legislation passed in May, the only standalone aid bill, and $13.5 billion passed as part of a much larger omnibus appropriations bill in March and $12.35 billion in a continuing resolution bill enacted in September to fund the government through December 16.

This latest security aid package will give Ukraine new capabilities to strengthen its air defenses, as well as crucial equipment to defend itself on the battlefield.

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The package includes additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS0), 80,000 155mm artillery rounds, counter-unmanned serial systems equipment, counter-air defense capability, ambulances and medical equipment, around 150 generators, and field equipment.

“To meet Ukraine’s evolving battlefield requirements, the United States will continue to work with its Allies and partners to provide Ukraine with key capabilities,” the DOD said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed gratitude to President Joe Biden for the security aid package.

“Thankful to [POTUS] for another security aid package. And for unwavering leading support in our fight against Russian aggression. No missile terror will stop our fight for freedom! It is important that the people of [America] are side by side with the people of [Ukraine] in this struggle,” Zelenskyy wrote on Twitter.

The White House has called on Congress to pass another $37.7 billion in Ukraine aid before the December 16 deadline to continue funding the government in fiscal 2023.

It seems the Republicans had better come up with a solution to stop this incredible spending, instead of bankrupting the United States of America.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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