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Awful news coming out of Minnesota as three bald eagles are dead, and at least 13 were likely poisoned by scavenging the carcases of euthanized animals that were improperly dumbed at a Minnesota landfill.

Here’s a serious question, why are they not incinerating these animals? That would be common sense one would think, correct?

The Minnesota Star Tribune is reporting that state and federal wildlife officials are investigating after the eagles were found this month near the Pine Bend landfill in the Minneapolis suburb of Inver Grove Heights.

Ten of the birds are in intensive care at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. The center’s executive director Victoria Hall said she is optimistic those birds will recover.

Hall said that when some of the eagles were found they were lying motionless, face down in the snow, and Raptor Center workers weren’t sure if they were still alive.

Veteranarians suspect the eagles that died had eaten part of a carcass of an animal that had been euthanized with pentobarbital, and investigators confirmed that some of the euthanized animals had been brought to the landfill on December 2.

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Hall said animals that have been chemically euthanized are supposed to be disposed of in such a manner that other animals can’t scavenge for them. Hence why we said why aren’t they being incinerated.

fund has been set up to help pay for the eagles’ care.

Thanks to our friends at the AP and Huffington Post for contributing to this article.

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