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Just when you wondered why your elected government officials continue to give nearly $500 million a year to Planned Parenthood of your tax dollars, another insane moment catches up to us.

Once again, the left is demonstrating the attack on grooming children at mass scale, and it’s truly sickening.

Planned Parenthood’s Center for Sex Education Director Bill Taverner noted in 2015 that everyone is a sexual being while also advocating for sex education to also include “porn literacy,” according to Fox News.

“[We have] in our society an assumption of asexuality of people with intellectual disabilities. It’s a myth that’s perpetuated, and really we are all sexual beings from birth until death,” he said at the time.

If that wasn’t enough, back in 2012 Taverner also claimed that certain child age groups ought to be taught about porn in sex education courses. Okay Groomer. He has even said that porn and erotica online would be useful in helping children and teens learn more about sexuality, Fox News reported, adding:

Planned Parenthood said in a guide entitled the “Fundamentals of Teaching Sexuality” that “sexuality is a part of life through all the ages and stages. Babies, elders, and everyone in between can experience sexuality.” 

Around the year 2012, Taverner said children of a certain age should be taught about pornography in sex education, a position he has maintained up until at least February 2021. 

Taverner appeared to say during the 2012 interview that some of “erotica” was “useful.”

“I think that there’s this yearning for information that young people have that… hasn’t changed,” he said, Fox News reported. “[The] delivery of how we get information is quite different.

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“I think that the internet is a major influence on how people learn about sexuality. There’s access to erotica, pornography. That was very different for young people 30 years ago. It’s certainly not as accessible, certainly not as instantaneous. So there’s a lot of information that is useful,” he claimed.

At the time, the interviewer interrupted Taverner to say that “some of it is wrong.”

“Some of it is wrong, a lot of it is wrong,” Taverner said. “But there’s good stuff out there as well.”

He has also argued that exposing children to porn is similar to teaching kids how to put on a condom, which is also highly inappropriate for a school to be teaching, say many critics.

“There’s a resistance to… if we talk about porn, [some think] is it going to make people want to watch it? Which is the same faulty kind of premise as if we teach about condoms, it’s going to make people want to have sex with condoms or maybe that’s not a bad thing,” he said, Fox News noted.

He has also advocated for sex education beginning in kindergarten.

“Sexuality education is not isolated to a particular point in a person’s life, it’s a continuous process. Young children are learning about sexuality from the attitudes their parents display… When we think of K-12 education… we may be talking about what makes a family, we may be talking about disease prevention… All of that sets the foundation for a basic understanding that is useful for further conversations when we’re talking about condoms… [and] pregnancy conversations,” he said.

“Age-appropriate sex education is so important,” he said. “And we have to let our experts guide us.”

Thanks to our friends at Fox News and CharlieKirk.com for contributing to this article.

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