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Neil Patel, the owner of a North Philadelphia gas station, reached his limit with the out-of-control crime in the Democrat run city and has hired armed guards to patrol his property.

Patel, who operates his Karco gas station at Broad and Clearfield streets, recruited Pennsylvania S.I.T.E. State Agents that  is a company that operates in the Security and Investigations industry. These agents are clad with Kevlar vests and armed with either an AR-15 or a shotgun to protect his customers and his business. 

Pennsylvania S.I.T.E. agents provide Patel and his business armed presence daily and at least two armed agents on the premise nightly.

Patel said crime targeting his customers, his store, and his employees was so rampant he had to take this extraordinary step. Patel said there was a shooting at the gas station on Easter Sunday, people were shoplifting and selling drugs daily, and an ATM was stolen several weeks ago.

Patel said, “The cops are slow to respond, so I had to take matters into my own hands.”

“Selling their drugs openly. Cops here, they don’t do anything. Robberies, stealing’s, vandalizing my car.”

“They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level. We are tire of this nonsense of robbery, drug trafficking, handing around, gangs,” Patel added.

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Patel also told reporters that crime at his business has stopped since he hired the armed guards.

Andre Boyer with Pennsylvania State Agents said, “We’re not security. Basically, what we do is security details when the public calls upon us when the police can’t be there.

The decision to beef up security has been met with mixed reactions from residents and neighbors. “I listen to them, but some people, violent people, carry their guns, and are not afraid of them. This protection is for the neighborhood and customers,” Patel said.

“The first week there was tension from the public seeing someone with an AR shotgun walking around, with people asking ‘Why are you here? Are we in Beirut?'” Boyer stated.

Customer Jack Rock welcomed their presence saying, “I have my license to carry. I’m always ready to go for myself, so it’s like whatever. It’s nice and safe for me. I get my juice, go to my car without somebody else jumping in it,” Rock added.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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