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Mike Rogers (R-AL), the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, confirmed to The Hill on Tuesday that Democrats are agreeing to language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would repeal the COVID vaccine mandate for U.S. service members.

This is a major concession by the mRNA vaccine-obsessed Democrats, and also an embarrassing loss for President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who both have applauded mandates since they were enacted last year. The ineffective, draconian commandment has cost many brave men and women their military careers, lowered morale, helped cripple our already disastrous recruiting rates, and made our country less safe. 

The House and Senate released language to be included in the NDAA on Tuesday, that requires the Pentagon to lift the mandate. The NDAA, the annual bill that authorizes the military’s budget, which allocates $847 billion for defense for fiscal year 2023, must be passed before the end of the year, and Democratic leaders let Republicans include the language in order to ensure its passage. it’s not a done deal as continued negotiations and jockeying for position will inevitably ensue.

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) seemed to agree tweeting:

Hopeful to become Speaker of the House in the next session, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on Sunday, “The NDAA will not move if the mandate isn’t repealed.”

Secretary Austin opposed any discussion of a repeal telling reporters on Saturday, “We lost a million people to this virus. A million people died in the United States of America. We lost hundreds in DOD. So this mandate has kept people healthy.”

But Mr. Secretary, you are wrong. It didn’t keep people healthy. Despite early claims from Fauci and Biden that the vaccine would prevent you from getting COVID, those boasts turned out to be completely false. Not only are you perfectly capable of getting the ‘Rona’ after vaccination (and multiple boosters), but you’re entirely capable of infecting others. Add that to the fact there are increasing questions about the safety of the vaccines, and what you’re left with is a punitive, ineffective policy that weakens our military, and resulting in the lowest level of recruiting among all our forces since the Vietnam War.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had his opinion in a tweet as well:

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Biden has yet to find an oppressive policy he doesn’t like, so naturally, he thinks every service member, every American in fact, should just continue taking shots despite all the evidence against them.

John Kirby, spokesman and Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, “Biden continues to believe that all Americans, including those in the armed forces, should be vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19. Vaccines are saving lives including our men and women in uniform.”

According to Military.com, the Army continues to kick out service members who aren’t vaccinated. They continue this practice despite the rumors about the possible repeal that have been swirling for weeks.

It seems Biden and Austin, as well as most other Democrats haven’t considered that the vaccines haven’t worked very well, as well as the potential risks of myocarditis when given to young men. 

Hopefully, this COVID-19 vaccine mandate will be repealed.

We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for content in this article.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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