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In one of the worst trade deals in American history, Joe Biden and the White House brokered the release of Britney Griner on Thursday. The deal by the incompetent Biden regime is so bad it will make your head spin.

Britney Griner is free today as President Joe Biden traded her release for Russia’s greatest arms dealer and war criminal Viktor Bout, in a stunning move that is absolutely astonishing and sickening. Britney Griner hates America, and she’s been very vocal about it. It’s so bad even Santa Claus chimed in.

Trading a WNBA Star which is about the equivalent of saying the Employee of the Month at Hardy’s for a Russian war criminal and #1 Russian arms dealer is ludicrous. Literally less than 320,000 people per week watch the WNBA. That means that .000000000001% of the U.S. population watched the product, so the media, Democrats, and celebrities acting like this was a big deal, is absolutely garbage and bullshit.

Even NFL stars like Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys spoke out about the lunacy, but wait there’s more. Biden left U.S. Marine Paul Whelan is still imprisoned in Russia. So we leave Marines behind now for WNBA stars who broke the law by bringing weed into Russia.

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The President ordered Bout to be freed and returned to Russia. What an absolute dumpster fire of suck this is for America and the world. Biden signed the commutation order cutting Bout’s 25-year federal prison sentence.

Americans on both sides of the aisle are outraged at the deal as Biden leaves U.S. Marine Paul Whelan behind enemy lines. Whelan has been in Russian custody for nearly four years. He was convicted of espionage charges that the U.S. has called false.

Whelan told CNN in a phone call Thursday that he was happy Griner was free, but said he was “greatly disappointed that more has not been done to secure my release, especially as the four-year anniversary of my arrest is coming up.”

Griner, a 32-year-old star center for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, was detained at a Russian airport in February and later pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the discovery of cannabis-derived oil cartridges in her luggage. Griner said she didn’t mean to bring the cartridges with her when she traveled to the country to play in a Russian basketball league during the WNBA offseason. 

Whelan, who once worked as a corporate security contractor, was in Moscow for a friend’s wedding when he was detained at a hotel in December 2018.  Russian authorities later sentenced him to 16 years in prison for espionage — a charge the U.S. and Whelan denied. This month marks the fourth anniversary of Whelan’s time in Russian custody. 

Bout, who was most recently held at a federal prison in Marion, Illinois, was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Agency in Thailand following a sting operation in 2008. He was convicted of conspiring to kill Americans and began his 25-year sentence a decade ago.

What a disaster for America, what a shameful day to be an America. We’re now trading war criminals and Russian arms dealers for people that broke the law in Russia while leaving Marines behind.

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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