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Some insane breaking news coming-out today from the Mac Shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac who first discovered the Hunter Biden laptop insanity after Hunter Biden didn’t pay his bill.

Just now on the Steve Gruber show on Real America’s Voice he was asked if there’s one tidbit about the Hunter Biden laptop that hasn’t came out yet that he can reveal, and reveal he did.

John Paul Mac Isaac revealed that there are emails on the Hunter Biden laptop of Hunter trying to find out information about a bouncer. The bouncer threw Hunter out of a bar that he frequented. According to Isaac, Hunter was inquiring about information on the individual so he could have him killed.

“There was an interaction with Hunter and a bouncer at a club he used to attend to that he got thrown out of, and he was making multiple requests for that individual that threw him out so he could have him killed.”


Watch the video below!

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

One thought on “BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Has Emails Of Him Trying to Hire a Hitman [VIDEO INSIDE]”
  1. Fifth Dimensional Spiritual Warfare
    This is WWIII the last war of the three Dimensional Earth Matrix Good against all that is Evil
    I have experienced huge shifts in energy and timeline changes.
    Does anyone else experience these battles of light and dark ?
    Look at all this Evil surrounding us trying so desperately to take all that is Good and natural all the precious gifts from God we were born with.
    We start out with God’s precious gift of life and our soul being, delivered into the loving arms of our mother. Two faces , souls filled with Joy and praise to God our Creator. Then we are placed in front of the doctor our first demon encounter stands there with the needle filled with Satan’s Venum of transhumanism , as fast as the Lord giveth and Satan poised ready to break our bond with the creator and steal away our soul . We must protect our DNA ! We must save the children, do not take any vaccines not even the ones that they say are on the normal schedule, they are and have always been tainted by the demons cast out of heaven .

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