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Kanye West has went off the rails at a level that is at this point dangerous and quite scary folks. Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO and fellow billionaire, as well as the world’s richest man was trying to help Kanye and to calm him down, but even Elon couldn’t save Kanye West.

West apparently posted a Nazi Swastika on his social media feed which then caused his account to be locked for 12 hours, but it just got worse from there.

The day got worse and worse after West’s bizarre and insane appearance with Nick Fuentes on Alex Jones InfoWars. It was so bad, that Alex Jones was noticeably uncomfortable, and gave Kanye many chances to try to stop saying some of the insanity coming out of his mouth. West even claimed he loved many many things about Hitler, among other insane ramblings for 3 plus hours.

Granted, Kanye has the right to free speech, no one here at our media outlet is disagreeing. However that free speech does come with consequences. Such as private companies, or individuals not having to listen to you, or do business with you. That’s life my friends.

After that apparently West posted pictures of Elon Musk, trying to fat shame him, which you can see Elon’s response below.

It appears that this tweet was the moment Musk pulled the trigger on banning West.

Here’s the tweet that got Kanye banned from Twitter.

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