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A scary sight in Communist China as military tanks began rolling into the streets in an appearance of strength and power from the regime. It was an echo of chilling effects to the Tiananmen Square massacre when trolls were used to brutally suppress demonstrations, prompting one man’s iconic protest by standing in front of a tank.

Tanks spotted travelling through streets amid lockdown protests | Tanks were sighted in some cities in China, bringing back reminders of Tiananmen Square. It is possible they were merely returning from military manoeuvres.

Footage of the tanks rolling in has been widely shared in the last day or two in the midst of historic protests in China. The Demonstrators waved blank sheets of white paper in symbolic protest against censorship.

Hundreds have taken to the streets in eight cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, after the deaths of 10 people in an apartment fire were blamed in Xi Jinping’s draconian zero-Covid lockdown.

China’s totalitarian government has swing into action flooding the streets with police and trying to identify those who have taken part in the demonstrations.

A column of tanks was spotted in the eastern city of Xuzhou, leading to fears that they could be mobilizing to put down the protests.

“We are all desperately deleting our chat history,” said one Beijing protester who declined to be identified.

“There are just too many police. Police came to check the ID of one of my friends and then took her away. We don’t know why. A few hours later they released her.”

Chinese authorities regularly warn that “foreign forces” are endangering national security and have accused them for stirring the 2019 pro-democracy Hong Kong protests.

“Blaming it on foreign forces is a standard tactic,” said Alfred Wu, associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

“This is how the party shirks responsibility and rallies people behind it.”

Check out the video below of Tanks rolling in.

New Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 (Die Hard is a Christmas Movie)


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