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Well the Kanye West saga continues to unfold, and its’ not good or promising for the former Billionaire who’s now running with an an Anti-semitic loon named Nick Fuentes.

This was literally something that you knew was going to happen, it was bound to be a train wreck, but you watched it anyway, knowing the outcome was inevitable.

Kanye West showed up to Timcast with Tim Pool and his crew one of the biggest podcasts and shows in the world with his new entourage of Milo and Nick Fuentes (No one knows who he is, Trump’s not alone).

Pool didn’t push back, just wouldn’t agree with West that Jewish people rule the world and are holding people back and down. In fact, if you watch the full interview, Pool was trying to avoid the anti-Semitic topic altogether and discuss West’s ambitions for President, his recent dinner with former President Trump, but West wouldn’t let it go.

The other notable thing in the quick interview before West stormed out is that he admitted that President Trump had no idea who Nick Fuentes is. That’s great, no one does. He’s a 24-year-old kid who’s accomplished and done nothing.

I have one rule in life, and it’s a simple run. Don’t let folks who’ve never done anything tell you how to do anything. Specifically Fuentes, he’s a child, he’s got no clue how the real world works, and taking him seriously at 24-years-old is laughable at best. In fact, West running with him lowers his credibility dramatically.

You can watch the moment that Kanye stormed out below.


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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

7 thoughts on “WATCH! Presidential Candidate Kanye West ‘Ye’ Gets Flustered and Bolts Off Timcast IRL Show with Tim Pool”
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  4. This is a fraud article. Fuentes is known for truth telling. Yes, he is young but truth has no age limit and Fuentes left not Ye.

  5. And how much of his interview is censored? When your government wont let you see or hear anything it is censorship they deem is bad for you! You become uninformed and unable to choose based on facts.

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