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“Died Suddenly” the newest feature-length documentary film about the truth about the Covid-19 vaccinations from the Stew Peters Network is nearing 5 million views across all platforms. On Just Stew’s own Rumble channel, its’ close to 2.2 million, not including the multiple channels with 100K or more each, among all other platforms out there.

The truth about the horrifying Covid jabs took a full blast of reality when it was announced that more vaccinated than unvaccinated died from Covid in the United States in October by health officials, proving what those standing up to the tyranny had been saying all along.

The real numbers of how many watch this documentary are going to be hard to track because of the censorship, but we encourage all Americans and those around the globe to watch it. Get the truth, don’t stay in the dark, and watch it with your woke family members as well.

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Watch The Full “Died Suddenly” Film HERE

Taking the truth straight to the people, “Died Suddenly” exposes the horrifying facts surrounding COVID-19 and its genocidal death jabs, with producers taking a deep dive into the world of fact-based, not politics-based medicine.

In naming the film, Peters and his team took inspiration from what has become the most commonly employed phrase in the obituaries of seemingly healthy individuals all over the world – “died suddenly.”

In the era of COVID-19 and its “treatments,” “died suddenly” has become the calling card of Big Pharma’s death jabs, claiming the lives of men, women, and children of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Not even professional athletes in peak physical shape have been exempt, with horrifying videos going viral on a routine basis of jabbed sports stars dropping dead on the field of play.


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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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