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Jen Psaki will soon be taking a few days off from her new job at MSNBC gig to be deposed in a lawsuit alleging she and others coordinated with social media companies to suppress free speech. Psaki had previously sought to block the subpoena, claiming that her job and children meant the request was an “undue burden.”

As was reported on Sunday by RedState, Psaki’s original request was mocked by a federal magistrate in Virginia before it was kicked back to a federal judge in Louisiana. As predicted, that judge was having none of it, and he managed to deliver a head fake before shooting down the request.

You have to love how he granted Psaki’s request for an expedited ruling only to send her careening back down to earth in a ball of flames just a sentence later. He didn’t even bother with some long-winded explanation for his decision, but just dropped it on Psaki like a ton of bricks.

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It seems Psaki’s apparent arrogance, made her thinK she could get out of her obligations, using the excuse that would not work for any other American, by saying she was too busy being on television to show up. How many lawsuits do you think you could avoid by saying that to a judge? Psaki must have thought that would work but found out differently.

There is too much evidence of coordination between the Biden administration and social media companies to shut down political speech to ignore. It’s obvious that Psaki, Fauci, and others had direct lines to high-level officials within Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere to push their narratives and quash those they disagreed with them. That’s not only wrong, but it’s also probably illegal given there is a prohibition on the government violating rights by proxy.

Probably no one knows where this lawsuit will go. It could end up crashing and burning sometime in the future. But for the moment, some small level of accountability is being demanded, and that’s a laudable thing. Psaki will have to be disposed as will a number of other Biden administration officials. They will then have to explain why they were mixing it up behind the scenes to get political speech they didn’t like censored. Perhaps they’ll have an answer. More than likely, they won’t, and hopefully, some consequences will follow.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

5 thoughts on “Federal Judge Orders Jen Psaki to be Deposed in Lawsuit Concerning the Suppressing of Free Speech”
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  2. Expect answers of Biden-level incomprehensibility.
    The only way the truth comes out of that mouth is if someone sticks their hand in and drags it out.

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