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Nothing gets our juices flowing like climate change goons talking about how to serve up a delicacy made of bugs, am I right?

That’s right, the mental midgets are grinding up grasshoppers and making “hamburgers” out of them to “save the planet.”

David Webb explained on Fox News that the left treats “global warming” as a religion.

“Climate change revision is the reformation of the new global warming cult. It’s the religion of the Left,” he said on his Fox Nation show “Reality Check.”

Webb blamed the Left for “scaring the younger generations” in order to spread their “climate change hysteria,” and accused them of advocating for the wrong solution.

“They’re easy to frighten, just tell them their world is ending… but do all these climate strikers know what they’re protesting for? Seems the discussion is more often centered around [carbon dioxide] than the environment at large,” he said.

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The discussion should be focused on the environment as a whole, including the economic environment explained Webb, who accused the Left of focusing specifically on fossil fuels and “other clever buzzwords.”

“Our environment is everything around us including and importantly, our economic environment.  We have to be able to afford the things we want to do,” Webb said.

Webb also threw jabs at the highly contentious Green New Deal.  “After all it’s the big New Green Deal, which isn’t the real deal, and America the prosperous is the Satan.  Hey, every religion needs a Satan,” Webb said.

Here are the 5 reasons why climate change “experts” claim eating bugs will save the planet:

1. Edible insects can produce equivalent amounts of quality protein when compared to animals.

2. Insects require less care and upkeep than livestock.

3. We’re actually running out of protein.

4. Insects are part of a virtuous eco-cycle.

5. You can start small and work your way up.

Check out the video of one of these loons below teaching you how to make a bug cheeseburger.

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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

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