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Possibly the most ignorant woman in Congress is speaking out again, and that’s not just because she’s a corrupt Democrat. No, Sheila Jackson Lee is one of the dumbest humans on the planet.

According to Lee, Reparations could have saved Black Americans from Covid. Yes, she really said this.

The following is from Zero Hedge:

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This week, Democrat House Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from the 18th Congressional District surrounding Houston, Texas (one of the only blue districts in the entire state), “demanded” that reparations be made. 

Her argument?  Lee presents the usual debunked social justice narratives claiming that the generations of today are somehow responsible for and benefit from the trespasses of a minority of slave owners who lived centuries ago (Only 1.4% of the population of the US were slave owners in 1860 right before the Civil War according to stats derived from the Census Bureau – This is a number the media continually claims is “not a proper metric,” and yet it is a mathematical fact.  Even if one includes the entire extended family of each slave owner in the metric as beneficiaries, the number is still only 7.4% of the population).   

Lee, who has a noted habit of making some of the dumbest comments of any congressional representative, also insists that black Americans would have had a lesser transmission rate and death rate from covid if they had been paid reparations in advance:

Lee doesn’t cite the specific Harvard study, but she mentions in her deranged speech that is supposed to support her assertion, but with social just politics you don’t need facts, just bullshit science and methodologies about feelings will do.

We’re sure that Harvard, which is a liberal left leaning indoctrination camp for young people wouldn’t be biased at all about this ridiculous study.

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

3 thoughts on “Democrat Congresswoman Says Reparations Could Have Saved Black Americans From COVID”
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