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According to a Fox News analysis, President Joe Biden’s frequent trips to his home state of Delaware have cost American taxpayers a minimum of $11 million since he took office in January of 2021 through late October of 2022.

It’s a familiar weekly ritual. As of this point in his presidency, Biden has spent more than a quarter of his time at home in Delaware, either at his house in Wilmington or his Rehoboth Beach property.

Mark Knoller, a former CBS correspondent, who has covered the daily activities of every American president since Gerald Ford, has gathered statistics on all the presidents’ daily activities since 1996.

Most of us remember how the corporate media trashed Trump on a daily basis for his travel costs. Yet they have nothing to say about Biden’s trips. Knoller wrote on October 22, “By my count, this is Biden’s 56th visit (177 days) to Delaware, his 11th time in Rehoboth Beach. Compare at same point in presidency to Trump: Trips to Mar-a-Lago/Bedminster, 32 visits/143 days. GW Bush trips to Texas ranch, 44 visits/134 days.

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Knoller also wrote on October 8, saying “This 88th weekend of his presidency finds Biden at home in Wilmington, Delaware. Brings his weekend scorecard to Delaware: 44 weekends, Camp Daivd 18, White House 17, Foreign trips 7, Nantucket 1, and Kiawah Island, 1.” 

Fox News also said public documents from the Department of Defense comptroller show that the Marine One helicopters used by the president cost between $17,065 and $20,206 per hour.

The helicopter trip between the White House and locations in Delaware takes roughly an hour, according to the president’s schedule.

Air Force One’s operational costs are $177,843 per hour, and the trip to Delaware takes roughly 30 minutes, again according to the president’s schedule.

This totals up to about $4 million in costs to taxpayers for each trip, after tabulating each method of transportation.

Documents obtained by the New York Post last year showed a Secret Service cost of $1.96 million on the president’s first 16 trips to Delaware. A per-trip cost from this data applied to the president’s now 57 trips leave an approximate $7 million tab for taxpayers.

This $11 million receipt for Biden’s Delaware trips is probably significantly underestimated since it does not tally many other miscellaneous costs, such as additional helicopters that travel along with him, travel to or from military airports before or after an Air Force One flight, and accommodations and other expenses for staff who accompany him.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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