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After it was revealed in a town hall that a radical leftist progressive group had been imbedded into Clark County Nevada elections, a heated exchange between angry voters and corrupt officials who just “certified” their own fraudulent races. Excerpt of part of that meeting where the leftist group were patting themselves on the back for a “job” well done:

Certification of fraudulent election in Nevada

Self admitted “communist” and covid hypocrite County Commissioner Tick Segerblom seems disheveled as he walks through the angry crowd outside in the parking lot. After being confronted over certifying an obviously non-transparent and this illegal election, not paying his taxes, and pushing drag queens on little kids in schools….there’s a very creepy moment in the video where he’s asked if he’s “a minor attracted person” (pedophile) he stares intensely at them and eerily shakes his head “yes.” For those that don’t know, a minor attracted person (also referred to as “MAPS”) is the radical left’s way of downplaying what they believe is a bad “stigma” on being a child molester.

No one knows why he would do that, especially considering when there’s no way he doesn’t know what it means when people have been calling him that ever since he got caught pushing drag queens onto public school children on tax payer’s dimes:

This is really disturbing, and with corrupt politicians like this certifying their own tampered with elections across the board….the people of Nevada have no recourse on what to do about this obvious-to-the-world corruption. Here’s a compilation of all the voter fraud that’s been uncovered so far that mainstream news won’t report on: https://operationsunlight.com/2022/11/12/operationsunlight-the-movement-to-breakthrough-through-the-media-censorship-about-everything/

Tick Segerblom – District E. County Commissioner. ccdiste@ClarkCountyNV.gov (702) 455-3503

6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Commissioner Admits to Being a “Minor Attracted Person” on Video”
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  3. […] CLARK COUNTY, NV – A video depicting Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom is rightfully raising some eyebrows among his critics, as the county commissioner seemingly nods in agreeance and audibly answers, “Yes,” when he’s asked if he is a “minor-attracted person,” which is a dressed-up term for those harboring pedophilic tendencies. […]

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