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Tim Allen is making his list, and he’s checking it twice as he’s revitalized his role as Santa Claus in the new Disney+ TV Series “The Santa Clauses.”

Allen, a staunch conservative working with Disney is great to see, as he’s been fired from the network before for standing on his morals, and we will always support Tim Allen here at The DC Patriot.

Allen putting on the red suit again is something for fans of all ages, and it’s hard to believe the original Disney ‘The Santa Clause’ debuted in 1994 in Theaters. It’s truly hard to believe its’ been almost 30 years since the first movie was on the big screen, proof time is really flying. I know I loved it growing up.

“Tim Allen in that suit it’s as close as you get to the real Santa Claus, that’s what it feels like,” explained Jason Winer, the show’s director. “There’s this hush that comes over the set when he enters in the suit.”

Also returning to the Santa Clause franchise is the gorgeous Elizabeth Mitchell, who stars as Carol, otherwise known as Mrs. Claus. Even though it’s been 16 years since ‘The Santa Clause 3’ Mitchell said it was like no time had passed once they all got on set.

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“First of all, we love and respect each other, but he also is so funny, and he knows what’s going to make me laugh, because he worked with me when I was so much younger, and he also worked with me right after I had my son, and I was completely brain-dead. So he knows what can make me laugh, and he does it every time,” she explained.

Austin Kane, who plays Allen’s son in the show, recalled meeting him for the first time and said the connection between them was almost instant.

“The time I met him on set was insane because I’m walking on the set, he’s wearing his Santa face, but not the body,” Kane said. “He just looks at me, and he goes, ‘hey son,’ and I completely mind farted cause like this is a guy that I have been watching since I was like five years old, and I just went, ‘what’s up pops,’ and we went right into it as if we have known each other for years.”

Kane said that Allen and Mitchell were both very gracious about taking the young actors “under their wings” and making “all the little ones on set” feel comfortable.

The other young stars echoed Kane’s words with Rupali Redd, saying she had a blast working with Allen, and that he is “one of the funniest persons (she’s) ever met.” She told Fox News Digital that “seeing him in his costume was just unbelievable.” Matilda Lawler agreed saying “seeing him on screen when I was younger, and then seeing him in person is surreal.”

Devin Bright also had fun working with and learning from Allen. “He is just really funny and one thing that I did appreciate, was he cared for the story,” he explained. “If a scene was going on, he’d be like, ‘well why is this happening? What works here? Does this make sense?’ and so it was really cool to learn from that and have fun with him.”

Kal Penn, who’s starred in some large movies including the Harold and Kumar series was also star struck by working with Tim Allen. In the TV series, Penn interviews for the role of Santa with Allen, who’s considering retirement.

“I’ve been a Tim Allen fan…since I was a kid. He’s so funny and so smart, and I loved talking to him off-screen. I loved all of his, just the humor that he brings when things aren’t scripted is also amazing,” Penn revealed.

Show runner and executive producer, Jack Burditt worked with Allen before on “Last Man Standing,” but said there was something different about working with him when he is playing Santa.

“That first time that he walked onto set as Santa Claus, was just like, ‘oh wow, this is amazing!’ The entire crew was just blown away. I think most of the crew have been fans of the movie too, so it was a real trip. When he’s Santa, it’s not working with Tim Allen anymore, you’re working with Santa Claus.”

The entire crew really got along, and had nothing but amazing things to say about the experience of bringing this hit show back to the masses.

“We all really got along, and you don’t know if that’s going to happen until you get onto set, and from the minute we were all together, we were giggling, we were laughing,” Mitchell explained. “The kids were incredibly professional, and as a result, we just got to play. Everybody got to play. We all knew our stuff and then we just went in and played, and it was a joy.”

Thanks to our friends at Fox New for contributing to this article.

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By Matt Couch

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