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You’ve heard the line by the liberals: “but its republicans who are in charge of the elections in Maricopa County”. However, these “Republicans” are anti-MAGA, and would rather see the uni-party win. The Maricopa County Recorder started a PAC after the 2020 election to ensure that MAGA candidates wouldn’t win.

Maricopa County Stephen Richer told the Arizona Mirror that “the PAC’s goal is to elect Republicans who will help return the GOP to a party that supports the rule of law and celebrates smooth and peaceful transitions of power under a democratic system.”

Richer went further, stating “the Maricopa County recorder, is launching a PAC to support Rs running for non-federal AZ offices who ‘acknowledge the validity of the 2020 election and condemn the events of Jan. 6, 2021, as a terrible result of the lies told about the November election.'”

You can read all of Richer’s comments along with the Arizona Mirror story here. He clearly is not a friendly for Trump , Blake Masters, or Kari Lake, and fits the psychology of a Republican that would rather see a lunatic in Hobbs win than any of the aforementioned Republicans.

We will leave Bill Gates, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman, column for another day, however he lives in an alternate universe in terms of what an acceptable election is.

Michael Knowles said it best:

Election Thoughts

Ultimately, Republicans performed very well on the backs of the MAGA movement and have more than 4.8 million votes than the Democrats in the 2022 house races, per the Cook Political Report. A multitude of things went awry, the census miscount costed republican leaning states 3 seats off the top for Texas and Florida (definitely not coincidental), and redistricting cost them even more. The media will make this election out to be a MAGA failure, but the numbers point to the opposite.

The Republican party needs to be purged from the top down. It was party leadership that misallocated resources and cost the Senate both this year AND in 2020. How nice would it be to have had a Republican Senator from Georgia that could have stunted the “American Rescue Plan” that poured gas on the inflation fire.

McConnell has to be the first one to lose a leadership position, turn him into a lame duck senator and ensure that he has no political power or influence over the Republican candidate to succeed him in 2026. He is a less vocal, and to his credit smarter (which is a low bar), version of Richer. He just hasn’t explicitly stated that the MAGA movement has to die, but his actions haven’t been supportive of America First and MAGA principles.

Ronna McDaniel has to be the next one to go. After this election, I wouldn’t trust her with a checkbook that has FTX’s liquid capital available. The McConnell and McDaniel duo funded Murkowski in a primary, rather than funding Arizona in the general election. That was the shot at Senate control, it is their time to exit stage left.

As for Trump: With the announcement expected tomorrow, it is again clear that the Republican Party does not have his back. Take control of the party in the speech and name names of the people who you are looking to unseat from the party (McDaniel, McConnell, etc.). Current party leadership wants to see the MAGA movement dissipate as much as the Democrats do. Come out firing at Biden, the Republican establishment, and the media. Base the message around turning the country around (again), and focus more on what you will do to make our lives better and not what Biden has done wrong (everyone knows those things).

Lastly: The funding of the 2024 campaigns and onward should be as follows. 1) Republican Nominee for president (presumptively Donald Trump) 2) Governors 3) Secretary of State and Attorney General 4) Major County Recorders.

Control the top of the ballot and raise down ballot individuals up who hold America First principles, and then fund the people who can make election reform in states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania something more than a pipe dream. Prevent Katie Hobbs and Stephen Richer from being able to oversee anything more than a Twitter vote, because they shouldn’t even be provided that.

Ultimately, we have inefficient elections that deserve to be questioned. If the current Republican leadership was on the MAGA and America First side, they would be starting a unified front in calling for bipartisan condemnation of the states that can’t complete election counts timely. It isn’t an abstract request, and it should be widely accepted criticism from even Democrats unless….. it gives them an advantage?

The DC Patriot will leave you with one closing thought: Does the current Republican leadership even want to have congressional control? What actions have they taken in the last 2 election cycles that would make you think that they do?

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