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According to multiple outlets, Katie Hobbs has been elected the next governor of the great state of Arizona.

Kari Lake and the GOP are threatening a multitude of lawsuits in an election that saw a disgraceful counting system, along with tens of thousands of ballots just coming-out of nowhere to be counted, and no one knows where they came from either. It’s a disgraceful day in the state of Arizona.

Hobbs, Arizona’s current Secretary of State who vocally defended the 2020 election results which were also a disaster in her state, defeated Kari Lake a strong Trump ally, but this looks to be far from over.

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According to polling which is under review in this race, Hobbs took 54% of the female voters in the state, while Kari Lake took 54% o the male voters in the state.

Lake almost took 47% of the Latino vote and still lost, which seems absurd, because it is. This is a developing story.

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8 thoughts on “Katie Hobbs Wins Arizona Governor’s Race, NBC News and Others Reporting: Lawsuits Incoming from Kari Lake Team”
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