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Former MLB baseball great Lenny Dykstra made a little bit of a mistake, the former Mets and Phillies Center Fielder decided to accidentally hit on married Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on Wednesday, and the responses are absolutely legendary and hilarious from fans.

I am sorry about your loss in the election, @laurenboebert. Who knows what funny business was going on!?Anyhow, I know this must be a difficult time, and just keep in mind that you have someone right here to talk to (or whatever other kind of needs you may have right now). DM me?

Boebert who is an absolute smokestack and gorgeous is married with four children, hasn’t responded that we know of. But fans of both have responded, and the responses are epic and worth the read. Check some of them out!

Dykstra is a World Series Champion, so he took the humor in stride, and even dished is out with the liberals trying to attack him.

This is absolutely hilarious as this Twitter user posted a screen shot from Madden showing a 116-yard field goal saying Dykstra has no chance!

Here’s another one where someone makes fun of Dykstra by posting Shaq trying to make a free-throw from the moon. For those that don’t get this, Shaq is a horrific free throw shooter, despite winning 6 NBA rings.

Dykstra is having a blast with it, and hammering the liberal trolls too!

Here’s a few more responses to Dykstra that have us cracking up!

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Mistakes happen, Lenny’s a conservative, and he took it in stride and gave it back to the trolls. Well done Nails!

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

2 thoughts on “Former MLB Great Lenny Dykstra Mistakenly Hits on Married Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on Twitter and the Replies are EPIC”
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