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After exposing the Marxist infiltration into the Evangelical Church in the documentary Enemies Within The Church, Trevor Loudon has set his sights on exposing America’s Marxist Senators and Representatives with the new book Security Risk SenatorsPart 1 and Part 2.

Loudon joined this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss just how deeply entrenched these traitorous officials actually are within our government. Virtually all of the committees are led by politicians with Marxist ties. 

While there are Republicans that have Marxist ties, as well, Loudon reminds us of this important fact: There may be some bad Republicans, but there are no good Democrats.

This is an important reminder as we head into the 2022 Mid-Term Elections… it’s vitally important to the very existence of America that we vote for the GOP in droves, including elections where a RINO or Establishment Republican is running.

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Now, you might be asking: Why would you say that you should vote for a RINO?

Trevor Loudon explained that the primaries are where you vote with based on a purity test, while the general election you vote against communism. Or, as I put it, you vote your conscience in the primaries and vote for the better of the two finalists in the general. That means that, while I absolutely despise Dr Oz and know that he’s a RINO, we’ve got to vote him in to get a Republican majority and have some semblance of a resistance against the Biden Regime.

The 2022 Election is the most important election of our lifetime. Yes, I know, politicians say that every election cycle. However, the stakes this time around are higher than ever before. If we lose this election the Communists then we have almost no shot at making it to 2024.

So it’s do or die time, America. Make sure you vote in person in November, and vote Republican in every race.

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