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That’s right, our boss is at it again here at The DC Patriot, and this time the Stasi over at Meta have indefinitely suspended him on Instagram, and given him his 6th, 30 day suspension of the year on Facebook. They sure do love free speech and the constitution over at that place, don’t they?

We’re sure by now you’re asking what has one of the most censored and banned men in America been silenced for this time, well it’s actually quite hilarious.

You’ve probably seen some of the funny Spirit Halloween costumes floating around as Meme’s for fun that both sides of the political aide have been tossing around, well he shared one of those. It didn’t break their TOS (Terms of Service), there’s no nudity, and it’s not false. But that doesn’t matter, because it hurt someone in the front offices feelers.

If you want to support the boss, one of the most censored men in America, Toss him a Coffee on his Cash App below, he’s worth it, he’s the brainchild of our operation, and he works his tail off. Click the thing or scan the code, we’re 100% reader and listener funded, in case you didn’t know.

Now what did he do you ask, well that’s the real question. He technically didn’t do anything wrong, but he sure as hell hurt someone’s feelings over at Meta, Facebook, and Instagram. Here’s the post they suspended him for on Instagram and gave him his 6th, 30 day suspension on his Facebook pages.

Yes, we’re serious, this really happened. There’s nothing false about the above funny meme, it’s 100% true. That picture has even been featured in National publications like The New York Post and many others, so why is our boss indefinitely suspended Meta? We’d love to know, wouldn’t you?

With that being said, the boss is in good spirits, he’s over on GETTR just kicking ass and taking names like he always does, he really loves that site. You can also find him @RealMattCouch on Truth Social, Parler, Gab, Minds, Telegram, MeWe, Frank Social, CloutHub, and pretty much everywhere folks. Don’t worry about Matt Couch, he’s not going to be silenced, and that’s why you supporting his work and efforts is so important.

Here’s some more ways to support one of the main Conservative investigators and influencers in America that the leftist media, Democrats, and Big Tech want to silence!

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