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The FBI’s Washington Field Office says they need some help to make sure there’s no election interference in the upcoming 2022 midterms and beyond. Strange, now they care about election integrity as they’ve made a mockery of it and said anyone questioning it is a criminal and a disinformation spreader, what changed?

Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of our democracy. Help the #FBI protect your right to vote. Call #FBIWFO at 202-278-2000 or visit http://tips.fbi.gov if you suspect a federal election crime. #ElectionSecurity

But wait, there’s more. They just had to double down on the stupidity, and turn it into a moronic racial issues. You know, because according to Democrats Black people can find an ID to buy alcohol, cigarets, pick up tickets to a concert or sporting event at will call, fly on an airplane, rent a car, pick their kids up from school, just not to vote, right?

Check out the next series of tweets from the same FBI account, this time telling you that election crimes fall into a “broad’ range of “categories.”

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Election crimes fall into broad categories: ballot/voter fraud; campaign finance violations; and civil rights violations, such as voter suppression or intimidation.

Civil rights violations? What in the blue hell does that have to do with voting? Oh that’s right, if you require an ID to make sure someone is who they claim to be, these asshats want to say you’re suppressing the voting rights, not stopping someone too dumb to know how to present an ID to vote. Interesting take FBI. Oh, we’re not done, there’s more.

Some examples of federal election crimes include intentionally lying about an election’s time, manner, or place to prevent qualified voters from voting; threatening voters with physical or financial harm; and compensating voters.

You mean like what Hillary Clinton did in 2015 and 2016 when the primaries were rigged against Bernie Sanders and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to resign in shame making Donna Brazile the DNC chair? You mean Seth Rich being murdered in the street and shot in the back multiple times at 4:19 a.m. over on Flagler Street and Northwest. He was just the Director of New Voter Registration for the Democrats, and his murder is still unsolved after six years. You mean like that, FBI?

The responses are everything you hoped for and then some from conservatives. Absolutely hilarious and spot on!

Our good friend John Jackson, back from before I was banned on Twitter chimed in. John’s a former federal agent we’re told as well.

I got one. A federal agency falsely and illegally colluded with a social media platform in 2020 to suppress information damaging to one political candidate. Seems pretty serious.

Check out the response from Jason D. Meister a former Trump Advisory Board Member

The FBI committed widespread interference in the 2020 election. They blatantly lied to social media platforms who in turn censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, locked President Trump’s campaign account, and suspended the @nypost’s official Twitter account. #FBI

Here’s a few more, but you get the point America!

This might be the most underrated tweet of them all below.

I’d say this didn’t quite turn out the way they hoped it would, wouldn’t you?

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By Matt Couch

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One thought on “FBI Puts Out Creepy Tweet Encouraging Citizens to Report Election Integrity Shenanigans and They Get ROASTED by Conservatives”
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