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Just when you thought the election denying Stacey Abrams who never conceded her 2018 election loss to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp couldn’t get any dumber, well she opens her mouth, and out the stupid flows America.

Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is getting destroyed online on your Wednesday morning for pushing the insanity that more abortion would help to combat inflation.

Abrams who was on Joe Scarborough’s “Morning Joe” program on MSNBC when she made the ludicrous and insane remarks Wednesday morning, before her event where Oprah is set to endorse her lunacy.

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“Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas,” she said. “It’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs.”

She added, “For women, this is not a reductive issue. You can’t divorce carrying an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child.”

“You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child. And so these are — it’s — it’s important for us to have both, and conversations”

My God, this woman is a dumb ass America. A complete and total dumbass. If you vote for her on November 8 in Georgia, then you will deserve what you get. She’s an absolute clown show!

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

4 thoughts on “WATCH: Stacey Abrams Says MORE ABORTIONS Will Solve Inflation”
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