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They literally ran a coup against the President of the United States, and in the swamp they continue to walk away and face no consequences for their tyrannical actions.

Igor Danchenko, a consultant whose information comprised the bulk of the now debunked 2016 Steele Dossier was acquitted and found NOT GUILTY on all four charges of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), leaving yet another sour taste in the mouth of Special Counsel and Prosecutor John Durham. Durhman now has losses in both cases that he took to trial in the corrupt criminal swamp of Washington, D.C. as he investigates the fake Russian hoax perpetrated against former President Donald J. Trump.

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Igor Danchenko: Acquitted after lying to FBI about Trump/Russia.

Michael Sussmann: Acquitted by jury of Clinton donors after lying to FBI about Trump/Alpha bank.

Kevin Clinesmith: Walking free and law license restored after pleading guilty to lying in warrants to spy on Trump

According to sources, several of Durham’s own FBI witnesses appeared to turn on him and undercut his allegations and even stated they believed Mr. Danchenko had been truthful. Truthful about what? Everything in the dossier has now been debunked to hell and back as a fabricated lie.

Mr. Steele a former British Spy with MI6 gave the dossier to the FBI, whose efforts to verify what was in his memos included interviewing Mr. Danchenko.

Much of what was in the document has since been discredited but it’s compilation and how it was handled by the FBI because a central focus of Mr. Durham after he was appointed by then Attorney General Bill Barr in 2019. Durham a longtime federal prosecutor often tapped for sensitive investigations into government misconduct, was then the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut.

Durham spent key parts of the trial criticizing the decisions the FBI made in the Russia inquiry.

“The government is just trying to stretch the facts to make something out of nothing,” Mr. Danchenko’s attorney, Stuart Sears, said in closing the case to the jury Monday. “He was trying to help the FBI, and now they are prosecuting him for it,” he said. 

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The jury deliberated for nine hours before finding Mr. Danchenko not guilty on four counts, after the judge had dismissed the fifth on Friday. 

“We’ve known all along that Mr. Danchenko was innocent. We’re happy now that the American public knows that as well,” Mr. Sears said in brief remarks to reporters outside the courthouse.

Mr. Durham said in a statement, ”While we are disappointed in the outcome, we respect the jury’s decision and thank them for their service.”

Mr. Danchenko told FBI agents that the information used in the dossier was rumor and speculation, according to the testimony, and grew frustrated with Mr. Steele for insisting otherwise.

“Steele was really trying to prove it, he really wanted it to be true, and he was putting pressure on Mr. Danchenko to make it true,” Mr. Helson testified. By October 2017, Mr. Danchenko relayed that Mr. Steele had become “obsessed” with proving the dossier, and would “burn everyone around him” to do it. A lawyer for Mr. Steele didn’t respond to a request for comment. 

So the real question is why in the hell aren’t they going after Christopher Steele, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and others who were the orchestrators of the Russian hoax?

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