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Saudi Arabia issued an embarrassing rebuke of President Joe Biden this week and handed the Republican Party its first article of impeachment when they take back the House of Representatives.

A report surfaced claiming Biden and his team, as OPEC was considering oil production cuts, asked the Saudis to wait a month to make the production cuts. The midterms are in a month.

The U.S. accused the Saudis of meddling in our election with the oil production cuts and downplayed the report. The Saudis issued a historic rebuke of Biden on October 13 and said he did indeed ask them to wait until after the midterms to make cuts.

Trump’s first impeachment was for asking Ukraine to meddle in our election by opening a probe into Biden. Trump threatened to hold back funds authorized by Congress, wo while they are not the same, they are not dissimilar.

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The Democrats are talking about cutting off Saudi Arabia from weapons authorized by Congress and if Biden threatened that outcome, or his team did, and they were dumb enough to get recorded…

Look, Biden looks like a fool and a weak fool at that. His team gets most of the blame but he hasn’t fired anyone despite all of the chaos so it is on him.

The Saudis are not our friends and he should drop the hammer. He won’t, at least until after the midterms because he can’t risk higher prices, but it is clear the Saudis think Joe is a paper tiger and that is never good.

The Saudis said, “An official at the Foreign Ministry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stated that the government of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia has viewed the statements issued about the Kingdom following the OPEC+ decision announced on October 5, 2022, which have described the decision as the Kingdom taking sides in international conflicts and that it was politically motivated against the United States of America.

“The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would first like to express its total rejection of these statements that are not based on facts, and which are based on portraying the OPEC+ decision out of its purely economic context. This decision was taken unanimously by all members of the OPEC+ group.

“The Kingdom affirms that the outcomes of the OPEC+ meetings are adopted through consensus among member states, and that they are not based on the unilateral decision by a single country. These outcomes are based purely on economic considerations that take into account maintaining balance of supply and demand in the oil markets, as well as aim to limit volatility that does not serve the interests of consumers and producers, as has been always the case within the OPEC+.

“The OPEC+ group makes it decision independently in accordance with established independent practices followed by the international organizations.

“The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would also like to clarify that based on its belief in the importance of dialogue and exchange of views with its allies and partners outside the OPEC+ group regarding the situation in the oil markets, the Government of the Kingdom clarified through its continuous consultation with the U.S. Administration that all economics analyses indicate that postponing the OPEC+ decision for a month, according to what has been suggested, would have had negative economic consequences.

“The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirms that any attempts to distort the facts about the Kingdom’s position regarding the crisis in Ukraine are unfortunate, and will not change the Kingdon’s principled position, including its vote to support UN resolutions regarding the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, based on the Kingdom’s position on the importance for all countries to adhere to the United Nations Charter, principles of international law, and the Kingdom’s rejection of any infringement on the sovereignty of countries over their territories.

“The Kingdom stresses that while it strives to preserve the strength of its relations with all friendly countries, it affirms its rejection of any dictates, actions or efforts to distort its noble objectives to protect the global economy from oil market volatility.

“Resolving economic challenges requires the establishment of a non-politicized constructive dialogue, and to wisely and rationally consider what serves the interests of all countries.

“The Kingdom affirms that it views its relationship with the United States of America as a strategic one that serves the common interests of both countries. The Kingdom also stresses the importance of building on the solid pillars upon which the Saudi-U.S. relationship had stood over the past eight decades.

“These pillars include mutual respect, enhancing common interests, actively contributing to preserve regional and international peace and security, countering terrorism and extremism, and achieving prosperity for the people of the region,” the Saudis said. 

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By Julio Cahn

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