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We have a joke around the Couch household, which is why in the hell would you eat fake meat, when you can just eat real meat? It’s a serious question, and one that we laugh at when we think of the ignorance of liberals and how it astounds us.

You’ve probably heard of those eating fake meat, which is meat, supposed to look and taste like real meat, with all sorts of generic ingredients to make fake meat. Or you could just not be a moron and do what people have been doing for hundreds of years and eat real meat.

Meanwhile, consumers in America have had enough of the woke brigade, and it’s showing. Fake meat is more expensive than real meat. It doesn’t taste as good as real meat. It’s also a “woke” thing, and it’s sales are dropping faster than Joe Biden at 5pm after a Golden Corral Buffet dinner.

Fake ‘meat’ sales are down 10.5% in 2022 due to the ‘perception’ problems and high prices. The perception is it tastes like ass. I’ll help you with the perception.

Fewer shoppers believe plant based ‘meats’ are healthier and an alternative than the real thing.

According to Deloitte, shoppers are also turned off by the ‘woke’ status of companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

Bloomberg News reported:

Sales of refrigerated meat alternatives at retailers are down 10.5% by volume for the 52-weeks ending September 4, 2022, according to data from Information Resources Inc., or IRI. While higher prices are the top reason for the slide, it’s not the only one, according to Jonna Parker, a fresh food specialist at the market research company.

“Proteins that were cheaper on a price-per-pound basis did fare better,” Parker said, noting that semi-vegetarian shoppers that may have opted for an alt-product will now just go for the less-expensive real thing. With inflation, consumers have become less willing to pay a premium for faux meat. Taste and health concerns are also playing a role, she said.

Deloitte believes the industry is suffering from a perception problem. In July, it surveyed 2,000 consumers and found a decline in the belief that plant-based meat is healthier and more environmentally sustainable than meat from animals. (While the environmental credentials of plant-based products compared to their meatier counterparts are well established, the health claims are not.)

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

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