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There’s a reason why Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is my favorite Senator in the United States Senate. He doesn’t mince words, he doesn’t care about your feelings, and he gets things done. He also has liberals crying 24/7 on shows across America, which he also gets kudos for.

Kennedy’s hard hitting campaign ad recently triggered liberals after he recommended that the next time you need a cop, you should call a “crackhead” instead if you are in trouble., if you’re the type who “hates cops just because they’re cops.”

In the ad, Kennedy shared a quote from the Wall Street Journal which shows that New Orleans is now the No 1 Murder Capital in the United States, under Democrat leadership.

Images were shared from Black Lives Matter rallies with someone holding up a sign that said “Defund the Police.”

Other quotes were pulled from the Bossier Press, an article that describes Shreveport, Louisiana as being among one of the most dangerous US metros and another from Fox 8 that said carjackings have almost tripled in New Orleans compared to this time last year.

Kennedy shared that he was endorsed by the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association and another clip of him thanking officers for their work in the line of duty.

“Look, if you hate cops just because they’re cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead,” Kennedy concluded.

Kennedy is facing off against multiple state challengers as the state has a jungle primary system, which would invoke a run off if no candidate reaches 50% on November8.

Whoever gets more than 50% of the vote is declared the winner at that point.

Kennedy is one of the most popular U.S. Senators because he’s real, and he has a growing war chest, last reporting to have $15.8 million on hand in campaign funds, compared to just $600,000 for the top Democrat competitor, a liberal Navy fighter pilot named Luke Mixon.

Mixon is trying to portray himself as a moderate, but then he goes and contradicts himself by saying Now, I’m fighting extremism at home, running against Sen. Kennedy.” What a clown!

Kennedy triggered the hip hop show, which is known to be racist against Whites, “The Breakfast Club” which called the ad “racist.” Of course these clowns called the ad racist, these are the same geniuses that had Kamala Harris on and didn’t question her when she said she listened to Snoop Dog and 2Pac when she was in college. The only problem is Harris was lying, she graduated from college in 1986, and their albums both dropped in 1991 and 1993, so she could have never listened to them in college, yet they didn’t even question her answers.

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

3 thoughts on “WATCH! Sen. John Kennedy’s Hard Hitting Campaign Ad Has Liberals Crying; Says Call a ‘Crackhead’ for Help if you ‘Hate Cops Just Because They’re Cops’”
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