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A top Democrat from California has resigned after leaked audio broke Monday and surfaced online where she made racist comments about a black child. Yikes!

Democrat Nury Martinez has resigned as the President of the Los Angeles City Council.. Let’s stop for one second, she was literally the President of one of the largest City Council’s in the World, and one of the two biggest in America between L.A. and New York. Am I allowed to put this in all caps? SHE WAS THE PRESIDENT!

This is what we’ve been trying to tell you with over 10,000 articles since February of 2019 here at The DC Patriot, Democrats are always accusing you of doing what they are actually doing.

She issued a statement regarding her resignation, claiming that she’s a good person because she’s “taken responsibility for what I said and there are no excuses for those comments. I’m sorry.”

Well she’s a Democrat, so “I’m Sorry” will probably work and she’ll be the Mayor of Los Angeles by 2030, right?

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Martinez and fellow Councilman Kevin De Leon, who is also a Democrat came under fire after they were caught on the recording making racist comments about Council-member Mike Bonin, a gay Whitman, and his adopted black son. Dear God, the more I write, the worse this gets!

“I sincerely apologize to the people I hurt with my words: to my colleagues, their families, especially to Mike, Sean, and your son. As a mother, I know better and I am sorry. I know this is the result of my own actions. I’m sorry to your entire family for putting you through this,” she added.

While discussing Bonin, Martinez called his son “Parece changuito,” or “He’s like a monkey,” soon afterward. She later referred to Bonin as a “little b****” and said he is raising his child like a “little white kid.”

Below is part of the leaked audio: “F*ck that Guy, He’s with the Blacks” Strong Graphic Language Warning Below!

Here’s more audio below and some from her past.

Bonin issued a scathing statement demanding that the City Council remove Martinez as president.

“We are appalled, angry, and absolutely disgusted that Nury Martinez attacked our son with horrific racist slurs, and talked about her desire to physically harm him,” Bonin wrote in a statement on Twitter. “It’s vile, abhorrent, and utterly disgraceful.”

“We are appalled, angry and absolutely disgusted that Nury Martinez attack our son with horrific racist slurs, and talked about her desire to physically harm him,” Bonin and his partner, Sean Arian, wrote. “It’s vile abhorrent and utterly disgraceful. The City Council needs to remove her as Council President immediately, and she needs to resign from office.”

“As parents of a Black child, we condemn the entirety of the recorded conversation, which displayed a repeated and vulgar anti-Black sentiment, and a coordinated effort to weaken Black political representation in Los Angeles. The conversation revealed several layers of contempt for the people of Los Angeles, and a cynical, ugly desire to divide the City rather than serve it,” the statement added.

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By Matt Couch

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