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One of the greatest fighters for the Republican Party across America, Scott Pressler dropped a video just moments ago, and its absolutely heartbreaking.

“There’s a reason why you haven’t seen much of me, and it’s because for the last month and a half, I’ve been pretty much bed bound, and I almost lost the ability to use my legs. I have a blood disease that triggered my anemia and my weight got dangerously low.”

Pressler continued..

“The good news is I have a great doctor who’s taking great care of me, and I will recover from this.”

Pressler went on to apologize to conservatives because he wants to be out fighting for the midterms in 2022.

“Actually I want to apologize because I wish I could be out there, knocking on doors, and pounding the pavement, and getting out the vote for our Republicans, but I simply just can’t do it. So I want to thank you, the tens of thousands of you out there, who’ve became precint chairs, and Election Day workers, and who are registering new voters, and knocking on doors, and in my absence doing that work.”

Watch the heartbreaking video below.

All of us at The DC Patriot are sending our heartfelt prayers to Scott Pressler for a speedy and quick recovery.

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By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

5 thoughts on “Scott Pressler Says He’s Been Bed Ridden For Over a Month with Rare Blood Disease in Heartbreaking Video”
  1. How long did it take for you to find out about the blood borne disease? Was it called anemia at the onset? I know a couple of people who have been diagnosed with anemia one had a vax the other did not. Praying you have a speedy recovery and are back to your old self in no time; God bless.

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  3. Thank you for letting us know. Ive been wondering why I had not been hearing or seeing much from you lately. I will add you to my prayers. You are a fighter…you don’t give up. Thank you for all you do for our country. Diane

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