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While the American mainstream media keeps telling you how tough and awesome the Ukraine is, coupled with the fact that sanctions are hurting the Russians, the fact is, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Poland has temporarily suspended its air quality controls so people can burn coal for heating homes through next April, in a scene that brings back memories of WWII.

The energy crisis is the worse in a generation according to Polish authorities.

Polish households have increased demand for coal and wood to offset soaring energy costs of natural gas and electricity, some people are even burning trash to stay warm.

Bloomberg spoke with some Polish residents, one by the name of Paulina Mroczkowska says she already noticed people burning trash to heat their homes as the shortage of Natural Gas worsens and the cost of living spirals out of control.

“It’s so bad this season that you can smell trash burning every day, which is completely new. 

“Rarely can you smell a regular fuel. It’s scary to think what happens when it really gets cold,” Mroczkowska said, a resident of Warsaw, the capital city.

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine disrupting energy markets and the backfiring of Western sanctions against Moscow have caused Poland to suffer immensely.

Last month, Law & Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the country’s most powerful politician, suggested people do whatever it takes to keep warm. He told supporters at a rally in Nowy Targ, southern Poland, that “one needs to burn almost everything, except for tires and similarly harmful things.” — Bloomberg 

Some of the municipalities in the nation have rolled back environmental restrictions for this winter and beyond.

The Malopolska regional assembly in Krakow, which is controlled by the ruling Law & Justice Party, just delated a vote to burn coal and trash through 2024.

New forecasts from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weater Forecasts now shows Europe could be headed for a very frigid winter. People are now scrambling for coal and firewood while supplies are running out.

“People are scared and they are collecting anything that can be used for burning,” Piotr Siergiej, spokesman for a network of environmental activists called Polski Alarm Smogowy — or Polish Smog Alert, said. 

 Panic for trash is already being seen around the country, as one mayor told local news TVN24 news channel:

“We’re seeing a significant drop in garbage collection, especially when it comes to materials than could at least in theory be suitable for burning such as paper, cardboard and packaging.

“We’ll fine those who are trying to poison us and our children.”

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