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Kevin Sorbo, most famous for his role in the series Hercules said that as one of Hollywood’s few openly conservative actors there’s only one way he would win an Oscar.

Sorbo says he would have to play an “Islamic pedophile terrorist in a movie” in order to get a chance to win an Oscar in liberal Hollywood.

“It’s unfortunate,” he told the “Just the News, Not Noise” television show in a recent interview. “I always joke that if I played a radical Islamic pedophile terrorist in a movie, I get nominated for an Academy Award. And that’s really a weird world we’re in right now.”

Sorbo also told Just the News that the industry is missing out on 80 million fans by refusing to make more upbeat positive content for conservative viewers and those tired of the political views of Hollywood.

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“They’re afraid — ‘Oh my gosh, we’ll get a backlash from within the Hollywood elites if we do a movie that’s got a positive message,'” he said.

“It’s so strange to me,” he added. “I wish they could answer that question: Why? What are you afraid of those 80 million homes out there that want that.

“You can poke fun and laugh at all the stupid Christians for wanting movies with a good message in there. It’s so weird. But this is a battle that we have going on right now.”

Many conservatives like Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, and Tim Allen have gotten backlash for standing for God and Country with their own careers.

Tim Allen got backlash last month for a joke about President Joe Biden not knowing the length of the “60 Minutes” news interview he did.

“Tim Allen’s a friend,” he said. “He’s a golf buddy. He’s a great guy.

“We do need more. I have actors come up to me on the set over the last five, six years saying, ‘Hey, thank you for being a voice for us,'” he recalled. “And I said, ‘Well, why don’t you be a voice for yourself?’ But they’re all afraid to come out of that conservative closet because we’re the ones getting bashed and attacked.”

Sorbo says he has absolutely no regrets for standing for God and Country and speaking out for his political beliefs.

“I still have a career,” he said. “Am I doing big budget TV shows or movies anymore? Nope. But that’s fine. I’m doing the movies that I want to do.”

Thanks to our friends at Just the News for contributing to this article.

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