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Dilbert has been a comic strip around the globe for more than 33 years, poking fun at the office cultures of our society. However, the woke brigade is now taking it to Dilbert for disagreeing with their wokeness.

Earlier this month, Dilbert creator Scott Adams made an announcement on his podcast “Real Coffee with Scott Adams” that he was going to take on the new corporate ESG ratings. Whatever in the hell that is, but we’re going to explain it in further detail. We had no idea what it was either.

Regarding ESG, Adams says,

“It should start to become known that Dilbert thinks it’s ridiculous and then people who also think it’s ridiculous will start retweeting it. And then the boss who’s in charge of it will start to get these sent to him by email or printed out and slipped under the office door,” Adams explained. “Mockey is very powerful and mockery, in theory, could dismantle this.”

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ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, Governance” and measures how woke a corporation’s polices are. Dear God, they have a rating for how woke you are. How pathetic!

As these new comics came out taking the fight to the idiocy of ESG, newspapers started canceling the long time comic creator’s syndication because of “complaints” from liberals, we mean readers, sorry.

Lee Enterprises which runs 77 newspapers, just canceled their contract with Dilbert.

Dilbert is slightly popular running in 57 countries and in 19 languages. Adam’s jokes won’t make much sense to those that don’t work in the corporate community or environment with ESG, but he knows what he’s doing, and he’s getting to those corporate goons who continue to push the woke agenda around the globe.

Thanks to our friends at Not the Bee and The Daily Mail for contributing to this article.

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