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President Trump is slowly revealing details he’s finding out about the FBI and Department of Justice’s insane raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate home, and this new bit of information is crazy.

According to the 45th President when he sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity, he says the FBI stole his Will on top of other things.

“I think they took my will.” The 45th President said in his interview with Sean Hannity from Mar-a-Lago this week, among other things.

Why would they take President Trump’s Will? You can watch the segment below where Trump says the FBI took his Will.


The interview continued..

“They wouldn’t allow any legal representation or representation. So they go into the rooms like my bedroom, my office,” Trump said.

“Your wife’s closet,” Hannity added.

“Wife’s closet, wife’s room,” Trump responded.

“Your son’s bedroom,” Hannity added.

“My son’s bedroom, yeah. There’s a picture of Hunter Biden and Barron Trump. Barron looks so innocent, and Hunter doesn’t look so innocent. They said his room was raised, but his wasn’t. No, but I’ll tell you. It’s a terrible thing. Not even actually believable,” Trump said.

“So they went to a magistrate. Merrick Garland came out and he said, ‘I authorized this.’ Now what’s interesting is they went to a magistrate right here in Florida,” Hannity said.

“That’s right,” Trump responded. 

“A magistrate who had already… previously… recused himself from a case involving you because he was prejudiced against you. Okay. I understand that was months earlier. Why, then, didn’t he recuse himself in this case?” Hannity began.

“And part two of this question is this. They took your passport, they took your medical records, they took your tax records. And probably the scariest part to me. This is why a broad warrant like this would be dangerous. We do have a Fourth Amendment. They also took what? 500 pages of attorney client privilege information. Have you gotten that back, by the way?” he asked.

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“A lot. I don’t know. I really don’t know. They took a lot. I think they took my will. I found out yesterday. I said, ‘Where is it?’” Trump revealed.

“Am I in it?” Hannity asked, smiling. 

“I think they took my will. That could cause a lot of problems. That could cause a lot of problems if that gets published from people that won’t be so happy or maybe will be very happy. No, but I think maybe they took my will. It’s a horrible thing,” Trump responded.

“They shopped. They went to a magistrate that hates me,” Trump added.

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