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A thief, a getaway driver, and both of their brothers have been arrested after a large group of people smashed their way into stores in Westland and Dearborn Heights to commit robberies of fire arms, according to police.

Brandon Carter and Damond “Turk” Jordan jr. have been named in criminal complaints that were unsealed on Friday September 16. Carter is accused of acting as the getaway driver for the thefts after others smashed into the front of stores and went inside to collect firearms. Jordan, his brother, is accused of trying to help sell the guns after they were stolen. 

This resulted in a friend of a man who allegedly took part in a string of robberies that resulted in at least 76 guns stolen from stores in Westland and Dearborn Heights, Michigan, turned in the suspect and his brother, in order to get a $20,000 reward.​

According to ClickOnDetriot’s report, the majority of the robberies occurred in the early morning of September 11, 2022, followed by a September 12 robbery in which CC Coins Jewelry and Loan in Dearborn Heights, was re-robbed, after being robbed the day before.

Other businesses that were robbed included a CVS Pharmacy as well as Freedom Holster Gun Shop, both located in Westland, Michigan.

Dearborn Heights is a suburb of Detroit, while Westland is about 16 miles west of downtown Detroit.

FOX 2 Detroit reported that the friend saw the robbery suspect, Keondrick Rayford, on surveillance video and recognized him. Rayford had allegedly come to the friend’s house, shown him stolen guns, and boasted he took them.

The man told police that his friend, Keondrick Rayford, was wearing the same clothes as one of the robbers he saw the video on the news and recognized Rayford’s clothing.

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On September 12, the friend went to Westland police and told them that he recognized one of the robbers on the news and was there to turn in his friend for the reward money.

Westland police used video from the friend’s Ring doorbell to identify Keondrick Rayford. 

Law enforcement then used the video to arrest two brothers, Keondrick Rayford and Kendrick Rayford, inconnection with the robberies. 

In fairness, the friend may well have been motivated more about the right and wrong than $20,000 in reward money, but no one is going to deny that the reward money wasn’t a big motivation factor.

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By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

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