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The show “Chicago Fire” was filming a scene for an upcoming episode, when something sad and “unbelievable” happened. An actual fire broke out next door to where they were filming, causing confusion and utter chaos.

A real fire broke out down the street, confusing residents who thought the actors were real firefighters choosing not to respond to the blaze.

The show was shooting at A.A. Rayner & Sons Funeral Homes when the real fire broke out. Charles Childs, Jr., director of the funeral home where NBC was doing the filming, told Fox News Digital that shortly before a suspect fired shots near the set, the cast had been practicing extinguishing a real fire while a separate incident was reported down the block.

An unknown offender with a handgun, we’re in Chicago here, so big shocker, opened fire at a group of people standing at the 5900 block of W. Madison Street near Oak Park area of the city according to the Chicago Police Department.

The locals were confused and angry because all of these actors dressed up as fire fighters and police officers weren’t responding to the fire down the street, but unbeknownst to them, they were actors, not real firefighters and police officers.

“We had the honor of being selected to be in an episode of ‘Chicago Fire,’ and the crew was standing outside when all of a sudden they were getting prepared to do a shoot,” Childs Jr. explained of the general scene at A.A. Rayner & Sons Funeral Homes on Madison Street. 

“First, a fire broke out in the adjacent block down on 1500 West Madison. Then, the Chicago Fire Department(CFD) responded to that, and while Chicago Fire Department responded, ‘Chicago Fire’ television stars and crew were just one block away so people saw the actors and wanted to know why they weren’t responding to the real fire.”

“At the funeral home, it was a make believe fire, and the actors were just doing their jobs,” he said. “So while all of this was going on, some idiot used a firearm and shoots at people. We don’t know who was being targeted. We don’t know who the assailant was.”

While “no one was struck,” the suspect fled the scene in a “dark color SUV” and CPD detectives are investigating the shooting.

“It was chaotic because all these activities were going on at the same time,” Childs Jr. said. “Why would somebody do that? There was a police presence. There were security guards present. It was just an unbelievable situation.”

He added, “It was one of those days. You couldn’t have written this in a novel.”

Thanks to our friends at Fox News for contributing to this article.

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