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One American Podcast host Chase Geiser sat down with Warroom mogul and former Trump top adviser Steve Bannon for an interview like you’ve never seen before.

Now what do we mean by an interview you’ve never seen before? It’s a great question isn’t it? Well for starters, have you ever heard Steve Bannon talk about his favorite movies, or ask someone about theirs? Neither have we. Geiser has an ability to relax his guests, and discuss topics that most find taboo to ask.

The most important notion of this interview, is Chase brings a human side to Bannon, a figure that many conservatives consider to be super human, or a super hero if you will.

Bannon goes into great detail about populism, and the populist movement under President Trump. He even goes back to Andrew Jackson and Williams Jennings Bryant, and how the populist movement has always had a place in America’s history.

Bannon talks about how it’s very important for individuals to bind together, and how we must fight the tyranny of the Biden regime as a group, not separate. That’s the amazing part of being a populist, his perception of this is brought out by Geiser’s interview skill.

It’s also a nice change of pace to see Steve uninterrupted and allowed to let his thoughts flow about not just politics and America, but life in general.

Bannon also brings up how technology has now made it to where there are no excuses for those that don’t want to get engaged.

“People say ‘oh if I was in the revolution, I’d be at Saratoga, and I would be at Valley Forge, or if it was the Civl War I’d be right there at the wall at Gettysburg, or WWII I’d be storming the beaches of Normandy. Well hold it, you can be that. Look at you, you’ve started a show with absolutely nothing and you have thousands and thousands of listeners. And you have forced multipliers that send your content out. That’s the reason I even saw or know who you are is someone in my feed started sending me clips of your show. Anybody can do that.”

Bannon discusses the gender ideology in schools, taking back the city councils, school boards, and people getting involved at levels like we haven’t seen in our nations history.

“What is something that you know, or understand now that you wish you would have known as a young man early in your career?” Yup, this question was asked also. You can learn so much from this interview from the mind of the fascinating Steve Bannon.

The answer to this question by Steve your children need to hear. You’re doing yourself and your kids a disservice if you’re not letting them hear this interview. Do you want to be successful, do you want to know what it takes? Then listen to this interview.

Geiser even asks Bannon is there anything he has ever gave up on in his life, to which Bannon laughs and says, “Yes, I’ve been married three times.” But Bannon also clarifies “I don’t have any regrets in my life whatsoever.”

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