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A Kansas teacher who was suspended because they refused to use “preferred pronouns” which are absolutely absurd, it’s lying to make yourself feel special, has won their lawsuit.

A former Kansas middle school teacher who refused to call a student a different gender than they were born (pronouns) received a $95,000 settlement, according to her attorneys. It’s nice to hear of people winning with common sense isn’t it?

Pamela Ricard taught math at Fort Riley Middle School, located about an hour outside of Topeka, Kansas. Back in April of 2021, she was formally reprimanded and suspended for three days after she used a biological female student’s legal name rather than a preferred first name, according to the lawsuit filed by the conservative legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom.

The school counselor, referring to the student as a “she,” informed Ricard about the student’s new preferred name. A classmate later told Ricard that the student wanted to go buy “he/him.” Before we continue, let’s remember that these are middle school students, and parents should have their asses kicked for allowing this kind of stupidity to be allowed in the home. What in the blue hell is wrong with this country. Boys have a Penis, and Girls have a Vagina. If you have questions, I’d suggest watching Kindergarten Cop, the kids will explain it to you in that movie.

The student never directly asked Ricard to use an alternate preferred name or pronouns the case stated.

Ricard, a Christian who has taught in the district since 2005, asked for a religions accommodation from the school board, arguing that her “sincere religious beliefs” is that God create two sexes – male and female – and that any policy requiring her to refer to a student as something other than their biological sex violates her religious beliefs.

That’s not just a religious belief, that’s actual science and biology. There are only two genders. Let’s say it slow for those in the back. There….. Are…. Only….. Two….. Genders…. Did that help?

Her suspension riddled with idiocy claimed she violated 11 board policies, including bullying and violating the school’s student diversity and inclusion policy. Get your kids out of public schools, they are morons America.

At the time of her suspension, teachers were not required to refer to students by their preferred pronouns, nor should they ever be forced to. This is an LGBTQ movement cloaked in Marxism. However months later the liberal Board of Education ran by the Teachers Unions approved a policy requiring staff to address students as they prefer.

So basically letting the inmates run the Asylum, par for the course for public schools, right?

The liberal board also denied her religions accommodation request, The Hill reported.

the Alliance Defending Freedom announced on Wednesday that Fort Riley Middle School officials agreed to pay $95,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees for vilolating Ricard’s First Amendment Rights. They got off easy if you ask me.

ADF Senior Counsel Tyson Langhofer said his organization hopes Ricard’s case “will encourage school districts across the country to support the constitutionally protected freedom of teachers to teach and communicate honestly with both children and parents.”

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